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Hollóházi Manufaktúra Ltd. Tel:+36 30/183 6077, 3300 Eger, Jokai Mor st. 5, Hungary, Contracted partner of Hollohazi Porcelángyár Kft.

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Hollohazi Dinnerware sets

Hollohazi Dinnerware sets for 12 people

Hollohazi Plate sets

Hollohazi Dinnerware set component

Hollohazi Mocha/coffe sets

Hollohazi Tea sets

Hollohazi Sandwich sets

Hollohazi Dessert sets

Hollohazi Cappucino sets

Hollohazi Tete sets

Hollohazi Microwave safe porcelains

Hollohazi Minerva collection

Hollohazi Endre Szasz collection

Hollohazi Magnolia( hospitality purposes)

Hollohazi Goulash sets

Hollohazi Soup cups

Hollohazi Delicacy sets

Hollohazi Compote sets

Hollohazi Salad sets

Hollohazi Serving porcelains

Hollohazi Pannónia sets

Hollohazi Palinka sets

Hollohazi Bonboniere

Hollohazi Miklos Farago collection

Hollohazi Vases

Hollohazi planters

Hollohazi beer mugs

Hollohazi Candlestick

Hollohazi Wall clock

Hollohazi clock stand

Hollohazi Mugs

Hollohazi Wall plates

Hollohazi Jurcsak collection

Hollohazi Noemi Veszabo collection

Hollohazi Figures

Hollohazi lamp

Hollohazi Ash trays

Hollohazi Traditional ornaments

Hollohazi Christmas decor

Hollóhazi jewelry


ZEMA jewelry



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Shipping and Package

Package of products:
Our team members have got many year of experience in packaging. Our main priority is to get the item to the shipping adress with no damage. Therefore We use the best possible packaging devices and tools. We usally wrap each items into bubble wrap, then we put cardboard sheets between them and then We fill the box with flexible moving foam to avoid any damages. In some cases We remove the original package of Our items If that has a bad affect on the product's safe during shipping.
 This picture shows how We pack a dinner set:

You will also find an invoice and quality certificate with Your products inside the box.

Please carefully inspect all items when recieved and let Us know if You seen any damage within 24 hours so We can get a replacement for You.

Orders sent without damage percentage ( 2017) : 98.7 %


We use the biggest shipping companies around the world to get the best service for You. We use Gls and TNT usally for European deliveries and TNT or UPS for other destinations.

You will recive a shipping consigment number after You placed Your order, so You can track Your shipping once It has left Our warehouse.

If Your order is urgent please contact Us through e-mail to see if We can keep Your deadline. or We can offer other products, which can arrive in time to Your destination.

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