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Hollóházi Manufaktúra Ltd. Tel:+36 30/183 6077, 3300 Eger, Jokai Mor st. 5, Hungary, Contracted partner of Hollohazi Porcelángyár Kft.

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Hollohazi Dinnerware sets

Hollohazi Dinnerware sets for 12 people

Hollohazi Plate sets

Hollohazi Dinnerware set component

Hollohazi Mocha/coffe sets

Hollohazi Tea sets

Hollohazi Sandwich sets

Hollohazi Dessert sets

Hollohazi Cappucino sets

Hollohazi Tete sets

Hollohazi Microwave safe porcelains

Hollohazi Minerva collection

Hollohazi Endre Szasz collection

Hollohazi Magnolia( hospitality purposes)

Hollohazi Goulash sets

Hollohazi Soup cups

Hollohazi Delicacy sets

Hollohazi Compote sets

Hollohazi Salad sets

Hollohazi Serving porcelains

Hollohazi Pannónia sets

Hollohazi Palinka sets

Hollohazi Bonboniere

Hollohazi Miklos Farago collection

Hollohazi Vases

Hollohazi planters

Hollohazi beer mugs

Hollohazi Candlestick

Hollohazi Wall clock

Hollohazi clock stand

Hollohazi Mugs

Hollohazi Wall plates

Hollohazi Jurcsak collection

Hollohazi Noemi Veszabo collection

Hollohazi Figures

Hollohazi lamp

Hollohazi Ash trays

Hollohazi Traditional ornaments

Hollohazi Christmas decor

Hollóhazi jewelry


ZEMA jewelry



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Webshop operator

Name of supplier: Hollóházi Manufaktúra Kft.
E-mail address of supplier: hollohazimanufaktura@gmail.com
Telephone number of supplier: 30 73 00 927
Address of supplier: 3300 Eger, Jókai Mór u. 5.
Name of authorised or registrative court of registration Egri Törvényszék
Trade register: 10-09-034274
Tax number: 24734190-2-10
(Bank) account number: 54600322-17003270
International code: (IBAN): 2212-0330-0701-4137-6500-100008
Name of conciliation board: Heves Megyei Békéltető Testület
Seat of conciliation board: 3300 Eger, Faiskola út 15.
Availability of conciliation board: Pintérné Dobó Tünde, Telefonszáma: (36) 416-660/105 mellék, E-mail cím: tunde@hkik.hu;
Vitarendezési fórum elérhetősége: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=HU

General conditions of contract


By signing the shipment document, the customer acknowledges that the product has been taken undamaged.
We will not be able to accept further complaints regarding the damage to the product`s integrity

Obligatory warranties for our products are governed by Government Decree 151/2003 (IX.22).

The warranty claim can only be enforced with the invoice!

Can not enforce the warranty claim if the failure:

     improper use or use other than the instructions for use,
     caused by inappropriate transportation or storage,

The seller`s warranty and warranty liability shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and the GKM Decree 49/2003 (VII.30).

If you require a VAT invoice, it may not be available in the package but in a separate mail within a few days.

Discounts can not be combined (for example, loyalty and accommodation discounts).

Conditions of purchase

Browse the webshop

To browse the webshop, you do not have to pre-register for viewing the products.

In the webshop, you can browse products across multiple ways:

    if you know the name of the product can be searched directly by entering the SEARCHER box,
    the webshop allows you to browse products in multiple categories.

You can sort your products by name (ABC) or order by price. The operation of our webshop is shown in the following section of the Electronic Commerce Act (CVIII Law of 2001).
Register to the webshop

You can initiate the registration by clicking the "Register" button in the header. You will need to enter your name, (delivery) address, phone number, and email address during registration. The data is required to complete the order. You can make your registration in Hungarian, and you can find information about the products in Hungarian in the webshop. The data you submit during registration can be modified and deleted before sending your order, no later. If you would like to change or make a mistake, please contact the web store operator.

After submitting your registration, you will receive a message to your email address that will include access to the webshop. "[Name]" uses the above information in accordance with your privacy statement.

distance contracts

The subject of the contract is all articles in the https:www.hollohaziporcelan.com web store. You can find out about the properties and features of the goods on the specific page on the article. The products in the webshop are valid at the time of ordering. In case of orders for another product but later on, the data may change. The offers in the webshop are valid at the time.

By completing, submitting the order form and confirming it with the "Hollóházi Manufaktúra Kft." e-mail, please complete the 45/2014. According to the Government Decree, a distance contract between "Hollóházi Manufaktúra Kft." (3300 Eger, Jókai Mór u. 5., Telephone: 30 73 00 927, E-mail: hollohazimanufaktura@gmail.com, Registration Number: 10-09-034274, Tax Number: 24734190-2-10 Service Provider and Customer as Buyer under the following terms:


If the execution of the order is impeded for any reason, then the Service Provider shall contact the Customer without delay via e-mail or telephone, in order to reconcile further, in which case the distance contract between the Parties shall not be established.

Buyer is obliged to pay to the Service Provider in the manner he / she chooses to pay for the goods indicated on the order form that he orders and delivered to the address given by the Service Provider to the address given at the Service Provider`s acknowledgment, including the packaging and transport costs.

Issues not regulated here are governed by the Civil Code and 45/2014 on Contracts concluded between Long-Term Owners. Government Decree No. Korm.

The language of contracts concluded through the use of the webshop is Hungarian, the contracts thus concluded do not constitute a written contract and are not registered by "Hollóházi Manufaktúra Kft.".
Purchase and order

The product you are looking for and want to buy can be placed in the basket by clicking on the "Add to Basket" button, which is located on the product page of each product and on the detailed product datasheet page.
You can erase or modify the items you have in your basket from the quantity ordered. You can expand the content of your basket by purchasing additional products or completing and placing your order in the headline "Checkout" button, then clicking the "Order" button on the order summary page.

Current actions are valid only at the specified time and only until the set is up.

On the order summary page, it is possible to view and modify the order-related information, or to send the Service Provider a message containing other text-related content.

Discounts can not be combined (for example, loyalty and accommodation discounts).



We will inform our Customers by e-mail or telephone by the time of delivery to the house, 24-48 hours before delivery.

You can choose the following options when ordering:

Delivery Methods:


The order of delivery and payment can be selected on the order summary page of the order, and the price of the ordered product is also shown here.
Products not in stock can be delivered within the deadline specified in the negotiation. If the order is in stock, we will deliver it within 2-3 business days.
We do not charge packing costs, but the delivery cost is normally borne by the customer.

We`ll get you a notification / phone on which day you can count on the package, but the courier clock can not predict exactly when it will take you to the address.

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e-mail: iroda@honlap.hu
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